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The round, marble tower of Drakano, part of the Drakano acropolis, constructed during the Hellenistic period, is a striking landmark of the island’s easternmost cape (Fanari), situated on a cliff that is about 50 metres high, from which you have a great view of Samos and the Fourni islands. Because of its position, it was probably not only a watchtower but also a phryctoria (a tower used for the transmission of a specific prearranged message, with flames).

This striking example of monumental architecture, one of the best-preserved towers of the Aegean and definitely one of Ikaria’s most important landmarks, will take you an archaeological trip through time.

Ikarian village fests (panigίri)

Check out Ikaria’s famous village fests, learn how to dance the ikariótiko and let the sound of the Ikarian violin carry you away. A panigίri is organised by a local cultural committee on the name day of an orthodox church, and the profits are used for the benefit of the local community in the vicinity of that church.

Summer panigíria in the Agios Kirykos region:

  • July 1 Therma
  • July 7 Faros
  • July 15 Exo Plagia
  • July 17 Katafygi
  • July 17 Agios Kirykos
  • July 20 Glaredo
  • July 20 Miliopo
  • July 26 Xylosyrtis
  • July 26 Perdiki
  • July 26 Faros
  • July 27 Agios Panteleimonas
  • August 2 Mavrikato
  • August 6 Oxé
  • August 6 Agios Kirykos
  • August 9 Kionio (Negia)
  • August 10 Faros
  • August 15 Chrysostomos
  • August 15 Panagia
  • August 15 Perdiki
  • August 15 Monokampi
  • August 27 Agios Panteleimonas (Agios Fanourios)
  • August 29 Mavrato
  • September 8 Plagia
  • September 8 Keramé (near Faros)
  • September 8 Plomari
  • September 17 Monokampi



Enjoy the island’s largest beach not only for a great swim but also for food and drinks in one of its typical waterfront establishments. For a more secluded feel, check out one of the countless little beaches between Faros and the airport area.


Enjoy the magic of the Indian Ocean on the south side of Ikaria, near the picturesque village of Magganitis. The name of the beach: Seychelles. This famous beach with crystal-clear waters in a rugged environment is like an exotic paradise. The footpath that leads down to the beach (right after the tunnel near Magganitis) may be a bit steep for some. During the summer months, there is a regular boat service to and from the beach from the little port in Magganitis.

Agios Kirykos

Visit the island’s capital, stroll through its picturesque narrow streets, do your shopping and enjoy a hot or cold beverage in one of the main square’s numerous establishments. Buy local Pramnian wine, local honey of exceptional quality, spices and local sweets, rock samphire (krítamo) and kathoura (a local type of goat cheese) from local shops. One of the main points of interest is definitely the brand-new archaeological museum, set up in Agios Kirykos’ former gymnasium, which exhibits some very notable archaeological finds from all over the island.

Thermal baths – Therma

Visit Therma, the village where you can benefit from therapeutic thermal springs. The beneficial properties of Ikaria’s radio-energised baths have been well-known since ancient times. They tend to have beneficial effects on gynaecological, dermatological, rheumatoid, pulmonary, urological and muskuloskeletal disorders. Even when you have no real health problems, you can still enjoy the soothing, reviving effects of the thermal baths.

In the village of Therma, you will find balnearies with individual hydrotherapeutic baths (Apollon) and a hammam and hydromassage pools in a natural cave (Spilio). In these facilities, the staff is highly qualified so you will have an excellent experience.

Opening hours

Spilio: from 9 AM to 4 PM daily
Apollon: Monday to Friday: 7 AM to 8 PM – Saturday-Sunday: 7 AM to 3 PM
Opening hours may vary, so it is always wise to contact the facilities first: +30 22750 24048 (Spilio) and +30 22750 24049 (Apollon)

Hiking trails

In Ikaria, you will find a large network of trail-blazed (marked) footpaths that are maintained by the Mountain Climbing and Hiking Association of Ikaria (OPS Ikaria). All by yourself or with the help of a hiking guide, you can discover Ikaria’s nature, spot rare plants and animals, forget about stress and city fatigue.

A suggestion: the Atheras hiking trail (Drakano – Faros – Katafygi (Xylino) – Oxé – Mavrato – Kapsalinó Castle).

You may also want to obtain the special map with Ikaria’s footpaths/hiking trails. 

One-day sea trips around Ikaria and to the Fourni islands

Especially for you, we organise one-day boat excursions to the picturesque Fourni archipelagos with our private speed boat, so you can enjoy the remote calm of these magnificent islets.
Discover the wild beauty of Ikaria and her hard-to-reach beaches by fishing boat. You may even want to try and catch a fish while relaxing on the island’s deep-blue waters!

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